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About SoCal Fishing Dynamics

As a family owned business we pride ourselves on customer service.  Our goal is to provide you with best advice and tools necessary for you to have a successful day on the water.  We are an online specialty store focusing on SoCal saltwater fishing.

Where our love for the water comes from.  I guess you can say I was always drawn to the ocean.  My grandfather was a commercial fisherman.  Growing up in SoCal he first introduced me to fishing for mackeral, bonito, bass and rockfish caught from the local piers and jetties.  As I got older he began taking me out on the boats.  Grey light, birds calling, the orange skies from the sun breaking dawn over the mountains transitioning to endless sunsets.  Who doesn’t live for the ocean breeze and fresh air?  My grandpa loved fishing and even in retirement he went almost every week until the day he passed away well into his 80’s. 

Fishing is our way of life.  It’s our family tradition and my life passion.  I spent my college summers as a deckhand and loved every minute of it.  I hope my boys grow up loving the salty air as much as I do.  Which is why I’ve started this website, its blogs and future videos.  To leave a little something behind for my young kids to remember me when I’m gone.  From my early 20’s life has been challenge.  From brain tumors, cancer, multiple surgeries and grafts.  Every breath has been a blessing and every moment in life a cherished experience. 

Thank you mom and dad for supporting my obsession with fishing.  I love my big sister who always looked out for me and enjoyed fishing with me all over the world.  To my loving wife, I thank you for all of your support.  I know my obsession with fishing is crazy and I hope to pass on this craziness to our boys.  To my sons, I will always love you.  I’m always proud of you.  I hope I can teach to become great anglers.  Remember to always practice catch and release when possible so your children and their children can enjoy this sport for generations to come.  And when you see the pods of dolphins crossing the ocean remember its daddy jumping in the air saying hello.  And when the shark steals your fish remember daddy loves you for sharing your meal.  And when the seagulls poop on your shoulder…well…sh?? happens and that’s a lesson in life you’ll just have to learn.   


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